Kill Bedbugs With Cold

Consumers are often curious about the best ways to kill bedbugs at any stage of life.  We say at any stage because live bedbugs are much easier to find, identify and kill than bed bug eggs. It is important that when treating for bedbugs you consider how to kill bedbug eggs as they are the ones that can “reappear” a year later after you thought you got rid of the problem.

That is why we recommend freezing with Cryonite as the best option for eliminating bedbugs and their eggs.  Killing bedbugs with cold not only kills the live bedbugs but it also freezes their eggs to death.  This means you do not have to worry about some larvae surviving the treatment inside their eggs.  The eggs too will be dead.

Another advantage of killing bedbugs with cold is that it is a poison free process.  The absence of chemicals makes it much safer to treat homes and facilities that have children and pets.  Non-toxic also means you can treat areas that will have frequent contact with your skin (bathrooms) or even areas that can have contact with food (kitchen).

Also because we are killing bedbugs with cold is we can treat your electronics.  This is one major advantage that killing bedbugs with cold has over killing bedbugs with heat, as are both poison free.  Don’t you dare treat your laptop, or around your cable box, with extreme heat unless you want to potentially fry them into short circuits.

These are just a few reasons to kill bedbugs with cold. For more tips check out the Why Use Cronite for Bedbugs page here or contact us for more information.

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